MBizCard Features

Below are just a few of the many features associated with the MBizCard. We encourage you to schedule an online demonstration if you have any questions regarding the benefits you will receive by using THE Mobile Business Card.

Preview of Features


Preview of Features

How to Save/Download


How to Save/Download

Responsive Design
A key feature for THE Mobile Business Card is our responsive design. This is so that your MBizCard looks great on small and large screens. While the original MBizCard design was focused solely for use on smartphones and small tablets, we know that many people will still access your site from their computers and larger tablets. The responsive web app allows your MBizCard to be viewed on any device that can access the internet.

Built In Referral Form
The backbone of the MBizCard is the built in referral form designed to get you more leads. We believe strongly in referral marketing. Accordingly, the MBizCard allows you to make sure your contacts can easily send referrals that send an introductory email to the individual being introduced.

1-Touch Contact Icons
We live in a time of immediate satisfaction. Accordingly, the MBizCard is designed to make sure that your clients and contacts can connect with you through the touch of a button. On a mobile device, the contact icons at he bottom of your MBizCard will make sure they can call, text, and email you. On a large screen, the menu at the top will make sure that you can be easily be reached via email.

GPS Directions to "Office"
Through our integration with Google Maps, you can make sure new clients can get turn-by-turn directions to your office, dealership, store, etc. Simply add the address of your physical location when registering your MBizCard and a user-friendly map will be displayed on all devices.

Embed a Video
Video is in! Any video hosted on a cloud-based video management platform can be embedded into your MBizCard. Ideas for your video include your elevator pitch, web commercial for your organization, or testimonial. Did you know that 59% of viewers will watch a video to completion that is less than one minute and using video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. We use and recommend Wistia for your video hosting.

Save App & Download vCard
With 90% of business cards being thrown away within one week, you want to make sure that your contact information can be saved easily by everyone you meet. Your MBizCard has links at the top of the card that allow users to both download your vCard (contact information) to their contact list and instructions that explain how to save your face to the home screen of their mobile device.

View Stats & Download Contacts
Login to the MBizCard dashboard that allows you to view the stats regarding the usage of your MBizCard. Among those are the ability to generate referral tracking campaigns. Through these campaigns, you can generate a short URL or QR code. For example, generate a short code to place a link in the signature of your emails and a different link on your LinkedIn profile.

Choose from 16 Color Styles
You are able to choose from 16 color styles. Each of these 16 colors was carefully selected to make sure that an option was available to compliment the vast majoriy of organizations' brands. In the event you need to match a specific color, that can be arranged for a small, one-time investment. If you would like to learn more about brand matching, please contact us.

Special Add-On Features


Did you know that statistics show consumers value online reviews and testimonials the same as if they received the review or referral from a family member or friend? Accordingly, we have partnered with the best testimonial platform available (Testimonial Tree). Through our relationship with them, we are pleased to provide you with a special account that allows for unlimited testimonials and widgets for sharing your testimonials/reviews.

Please note that while you can create your own free trial or $5 account through Testimonial Tree, our add-on account is just $10 and provides you with more value than their $29 package. If you do register directly through Testimonial Tree, your testimonials can still be included on your MBizCard. However, there is no way to transfer an account ordered through them to us. Accordingly, if you do register for one of their packages and wish to upgrade to our special add-on package, you will need to completely cancel your account with them and sign up through us. There is no way to benefit from our special pricing unless you register your account through the EBOSS Group.

Zapier Integration

As organizations continue to shift to cloud-based platforms, we know that integrating the contact referral and contact/lead forms on your MBizCard with some of these platforms is extremely important to making sure you can efficiently manage your contacts. To see the full list of 500+ cloud platforms with which we can integrate, click here. For anyone that has a Zapier account, our team is happy to help you integrate with our hidden Responsive Website Builder App on Zapier so that submissions can be zapped to your requested cloud platforms. If you do not have a Zapier account, you are welcome to register for one by clicking here OR we can take care of creating Zaps for you at a rate of $2.50/zap. Once your MBizCard has been created make sure you click on the link in your welcome email to contact us and request help creating the zaps you need.

Text Message Marketing
500 Credits + SMS Marketing Portal: $25/month
This package will allow you to share your MBizCard with an unlimited number of people by sharing with them your keyword and corresponding shortcode. This add-on serves as a great way to easily share your card when speaking to a group of people. Note, this only allows people to receive a link to your MBizCard and does NOT serve as an opt-in list that would enable you to send them any other messages.

Blocks of 500 Additional Credits: $15/month
Need to send more than 500 credits each month? Purchase blocks of additional 500 credits for just $15/month ($0.03 per text message)! You can easily upgrade or downgrade at any time.

FREE: 2,000 Contacts

E-News is your drag and drop e-newsletter platform that will enable you to efficiently send and manage your various mass e-mail marketing campaigns. Not only can you easily select from a number of free templates, you can easily customize them or design your own. By being able to edit everything from the spacing between sections to the color schemes and borders, you can design an e-newsletter that matches your branding. In addition, through the creation of auto-responders and group registration forms, you can customize a series of e-mails that will be send to new subscribers at specific time periods after their registration.

All MBizCard subscribers are eligible to receive our Free Forever Account which allows you to manage 2,000 contacts and send up to 12,000 emails per month. Want to compare the rest of our pricing with the competition? Simply look at the numbers below. If you have more than 50,000 contacts, please contact us for a price quote. Note that all packages listed below enable you to send unlimited emails per month.

  • $   3.55/month = 0-500 Subscribers
  • $   7.10/month = 501-1,000 Subscribers
  • $ 14.20/month = 1,001-2,000 Subscribers
  • $ 21.29/month = 2,001-3,000 Subscribers
  • $ 35.49/month = 3,001-5,000 Subscribers
  • $ 49.69/month = 5,001-7,000 Subscribers
  • $ 70.98/month = 7.001-10,000 Subscribers

A link to register will be sent to you in your welcome e-mail.

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